The Glen Earthman Outstanding Dissertation Award

The Glen Earthman Outstanding Dissertation Award was named after an ISEP member who was active in the organization for many decades.  He served as President and Secretary/Treasurer, as well as a member of the Board of Directors for several terms.  He was an expert in the field of school facility planning and research on the relationship between school building condition and student achievement.  He was associated with Virginia Tech.

The International Society for Educational Planning recognizes outstanding dissertations related to all aspects of educational planning. The Society will consider dissertations that have been completed in 2015 or 2016 that resulted in the award of a terminal degree. We encourage the submission of dissertations on any aspect of planning.

Dissertations that deal with planning and program implementation on the international, state/provincial, regional, local and individual school or building levels are welcomed. More than one award may be made at each annual meeting. Individuals who have recently been conferred their doctoral degree may individually submit their dissertation for consideration. The chairperson of the dissertation committee or any member of the committee also may recommend a dissertation for consideration.

Individuals who are chosen for recognition will be asked to make a presentation of their findings at the annual meeting. In addition, these individuals will be asked to submit a manuscript to the Society’s journal, Educational Planning. An unbound copy of the dissertation should be sent to facilitate distribution to the committee for a double blind review. Complete identification including name, address, phone number, and email address should accompany the dissertation on a separate page. Deadline for submission is June 1, 2017. Individuals to be recognized will be notified no later than July 15, 2017. Interested candidates/nominees are encouraged to submit abstracts to:

Robert C. Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Ethnic Studies
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, MN 56301
320-308-2553, Office
320-308-2554, Fax

Winners of the Outstanding Dissertation Award

2015:  Maartje Van den Bogaard “Towards an Action-Oriented Model for First Year Engineering Students Success: A Mixed-Methods Approach”