In Memoriam

Dr. Dan Inbar


Dr. Dan Inbar, a very active and highly revered member of the International Society for Educational Planning including President in 1994-95, passed away at his home in Israel on April 4, 2022. Dan was born in Israel (Palestine at that time) in 1935. His parents were German-Jewish immigrants who settled in the city of Haifa. At the age of fourteen Danny worked to support his family as an office-boy making home deliveries of official documents. He spent much of his teenage free time reading philosophy, psychology, geography, and history books from the municipal library. His voracious reading and his tendency to look critically at questions and issues from multiple angles expanded his acute analytical dispositions. Subsequently, he completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was awarded a scholarship to study for his PhD at the University of California in Berkley (1968-1971). He returned home after completing his PhD and became a faculty member at the School of Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Dean of the School of Education.

Dan Inbar was one of the founding members of ISEP and attended most of the ISEP Conferences during the past 50 years welcoming all he met with his convivial personal approach as well as his ubiquitous professional passion to improve educational experiences via focused educational planning research. He was recognized as the quintessential professor who loved teaching and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with his colleagues about his latest research related to his incessant questioning about the relationships between leadership theory and current planning practices. He was globally recognized as a pre-eminent educational planner whose critical insights presented at individual interactions, conference settings, or group round tables would be pondered long after Dan had articulated them. Those who had the personal and professional honor of interacting with him always reflected about his intellectual acumen, insatiable quest for knowledge, caring professional commitment, unbridled personal sense of challenge, enthusiastic creativity, and assiduous concentration on making our world better for all via excellence in educational planning.

Dan Inbar was truly an outstanding educational thinker and leader of our time who left an indelible legacy to all who knew him especially the members of ISEP who looked forward to learning from and interacting with him at the ISEP Annual Conference. He considered ISEP as his academic international family and the annual ISEP Conference as his “Annual Family Reunion” as he truly cherished every opportunity to converse with his ISEP colleagues who anxiously anticipated his well prepared and thought-provoking presentations and discussions. His astute reflections and summary synthesis of conference presentations added immeasurably to every ISEP conference that he attended and inspired so many members to continue researching and evaluating topics of interest to them and of significant benefit to improving education throughout our world such as: Providing Second Chances in Education; Integration vs. Segregation; The Role and Responsibility of Educational Planners; Paradoxes and Tensions Between Regularity and Trust in Educational Systems; Planning for Innovation in Education; Schools’ Autonomy in Centralized Education Systems; Chances vs. Risks in the Use of New Technologies in Schools, and many more. His journal publications and book chapters reflected both the incredible scope and research depth of his insightful perceptions based on his comprehensive analysis of diverse topics.

Dr. Dan Inbar will be dearly missed by those people who knew him and worked with him. His wisdom, humaneness, and sense of humor will be cherished by the members of the ISEP family and his wife, Edna, his three daughters and five grandchildren. We embrace his memory.

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