The International Society for Educational Planning (ISEP) was founded on December 10, 1970, in Washington, D.C. Over 50 local, state, national, and international planners attended the first organizational meeting. Since then the dynamics of educational reform throughout the world have demonstrated that there is need for a professional organization with a primary focus on educational planning and policy. Mission The mission of the International Society for Educational Planning (ISEP)is to improve education through the application of planning processes. This mission is elaborated through the functions of the Society:

  •  To advance the education of humankind through the application of knowledge, resources, and creative abilities of educational planners;
  •  To improve the knowledge, resources and creative abilities of educational planners;
  •  To encourage, support, guide and advance educational research and evaluation cooperatively with educational planning;
  •  To support and assist educational institutions in the establishment and improvement of organizational entities, activities, and programs which enhance the effectiveness of educational planning;
  •  To enlarge the vision of educational administrators and the effectiveness of educational programs through knowledge and use of educational planning techniques; and
  •  To improve the educational achievement and feelings of self worth of all students through the planning for and improvement of teaching and learning experiences.

Purpose The International Society for Educational Planning was established to foster the professional knowledge and interests of educational planners. Through conferences and publications, the Society promotes the interchange of ideas within the planning community. The membership includes persons from the ranks of governmental agencies, school-based practitioners, and higher education. The Journal The peer-reviewed journal of the Society, Educational Planning, is published quarterly and circulates to individual and institutional members in more than twenty countries. Theoretical, empirical, and application papers are encouraged. Membership in the society includes a subscription to the journal. Annual Meetings In the fall of each year, ISEP members meet to present and discuss papers, and to share ideas less formally. These papers are often published in Educational Planning. This is the occasion for collegial dialogue, for establishing and renewing friendships, and for professional growth. A highly prized aspect of these conferences is the opportunity they afford for dialogue and reflection between those whose orientation to planning is primarily academic and those who carry out planning in educational and governmental institutions. The Society is truly a meeting ground for the world of academe and the world of practice.Please click on the following links to learn more about the International Society for Educational Planning, membership in the Society, and submission of manuscripts to the Educational Planning journal.

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